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I’m in trouble...

If your life, or someone else’s life, is in danger, call 911.

If you are safe, but are not sure where to turn for help, call or email us! We’d be happy to talk with you.

I’m hungry/thirsty...

Clermont Christian has a food pantry that can help! Contact our office by phone and set up a time to come by to pick up some food and water.


I have questions...

If you have questions about faith, or life in general, we’d be happy to help you find the answers. Contact us by phone or email.

9204 Crawfordsville Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46234

PH. 317-291-0477


I need prayer...

We’d love to pray for, or with you. We have prayer in our office daily at 8:30am, or you can call or email us with your concern.